02 Aug 2013

Good Arguments

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Pretty Naomi Broadwell looks at immigration the way I do.

Hat tip to John Hinderaker.

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So a foreign national’s opinion on American immigration policy is important how?

Phil McKann

It isn’t the infusion of people, it is the infusion of culture that is at issue. The case against Mexicans is Mexico.


How is it that we need to pass an amnesty bill so that we can people “out of the shadows” and yet we can get accurate surveys on labor participation rates?


If our population was quite small, say like Australia, then perhaps an arguement could be made for immigration legal or even illegal. But as the third most populous country in the world we don’t need immigrants legal or illegal and we certainly do not need poor, uneducated immigrants. This decision should not be made by those who see themselves first as, lets say hispanic as Marco Rubio does and only secondly thinks of himself as an American. This decision should be made by Americans. Do we “need” immigrants? Simple question. We certainly have more then enough college graduates and in fact if we stopped allowing foriegners to go to our colleges we would have even more college graduates. We certainly already have enough welfare recipients and since most illegals from mexico (which is about 90% of our illegals) use some form of welfare it should be obvious that making them citizens will bankrupt us. We certainly don’t need more non-English speaking people. The cost alone for printing ballots in foriegn languiages and providing interpreters when the illegals commit crimes or seek welfare is simply too high. So what is the arguement that favors immigration??? That the best and brightest are born in India??? Are you kidding? Then they would have invented airplanes cars computer, etc, etc. But what great inventions are the best and brightest Indians responsible for? In the 50’s when the U.S. tried to bring modern medicine to India where half the children died before reaching there 5th birthday the Indian government agreed to allow the medicines to be brought into the country as long as half of the life saving antibiotics was used on their sacred cattle!! Yes indeed, the best and brightest at work. I reject the idea that somehow the U.S. cannot produce the best and brightest. I reject the idea that I must be taxed to support people from other countries simply because they have screwed up their own country so babdly that ours looks good (ripe) to them. Screw them!! Did I make my feelings clear? SCREW THEM. Our government should put our citizens first and in fact citizens of other countries should never even be considered in any capacity by the government. If thew Indians are SO SMART and the Mexicans are SUCH HARD WORKERS then let them fix their own country so that they don’t need to come here and live off our taxpayers. I vote for zero immigration and a massive effort to find and deport anyone here illegally.

David Zincavage


Did you fail to notice how pretty that girl is?

(More later to everybody else. I was out at courthouse getting some deeds for hours, and need a break.)


In a perfect world, I would not have any problem with allowing unfettered immigration if it was done in the right manner. I would allow anyone to get a visa IF they could prove that: 1. they are healthy and mentally competent, 2. they will not wind up voting in any of our elections, 3. they are not criminals (according to our laws, not theirs), 4. they are coming alone, 4. they are not muslim and 5. they are sterile.

If they sneak in and we catch them, then we can take care of #5 before we ship them back.

I think that about covers the basics.


GWTW makes some good points. This whole “Nation of Immigrants” thing needs some scrutiny. From the latter half of the 19th century until the post-war era, we really, really needed immigrants. Badly. Now, not so much. Roughly half of our population chooses not to be productive, and is aided by our government to in that choice. Under those circumstances, I believe that we need to be choosy.


Phil McKann,

Perhaps, but it isn’t Mexican culture whose importation is bad but rather the colonial Spanish Americas institutions imbedded in the immigrant’s psyche. Those institutions are one of a privileged elite who own and run everything exploiting the populace and vested in keeping them uneducated and dependent.

No doubt it is the institutional attitude that the Democrats find appealing about South of the Border immigrants.

Check out this lecture at Marginal Revolution University where Alex Tabbarok compares North American to Spanish Americas institutional development and how such institutions persist.



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