19 Aug 2013

Tweet of the Week

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No link, the author (wussy wimp!), finding himself under fire, deleted the tweet.

The sanctimonious left, represented by HuffPo, Salon, the Atlantic, &c. had a collective cow over liberal Time journalist Michael Grunwald’s Saturday tweet, which simply endorsed one more example of Big Government activism.

Grunwald’s employer released this statement:

Michael Grunwald posted an offensive tweet from his personal Twitter account that is in no way representative of TIME’s views. He regrets having tweeted it, and he removed it from his feed.

And Grunwald himself groveled at Twitter:

It was a dumb tweet. I’m sorry. I deserve the backlash. (Maybe not the anti-Semitic stuff but otherwise I asked for it.)

Myself, I paraphrased Grunwald’s tweet on Facebook last night, telling two liberaltarian friends who were indignant about the British government detaining Glenn Greenwald’s catamite for nine hours, that I can’t wait to write a defense of the drone strike that takes out Glenn Greenwald.

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We are all underinformed when it comes to these stories. I was sympathetic with Glenn Greenwald when I first heard he was being “spied on” (if that is the right term for what was really going on). I was suprised when I heard he and his partner were “detained” and some of their high tech equipment confiscated. Then I hear Greenwald in his own words say he has a lot of information on the British and American spying and would now that they pissed him off publish it!!! Hmmmmm!!! For me that changes everything. It would now appear that the facts are Greenwald did indeed illegally come into the possesion of highly classified government information the release of which could/would harm the British and U.S. government. So that means his prior “harrassment” was in fact justified and the government was trying to get their classified information back before it was released and caused irreparable harm. But worse still now Greenwald throws a hissy fit and decides to release even more of this classified material knowing full well it will harm both countries. Why? Who does he really work for and where is his alliegience. If he has now decided to go over to the dark side should he be eliminated? If not why not? If on June 5th, 1945 a reporter threatened to leak the D-Day plan would the allies be justified in killing him before he could cause such massive harm? What is the appropriate response to someone who commits treason and threatens the free world? If someone, like Assange, Snowden, Manning or Greenwald decides to give the enemy classified information and play spy vs spy don’t they then come under the rules of spies? So be it by drone, poison, a bullet, a knife, whatever, I favor the leaker be taken out the sooner the better.


Arrange a meeting of Greenwald and Assange and get a two-fer. Oh, hell, invite Andrew Sullivan, too.


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