30 Sep 2013

Let the People Judge

Even Obamacare supporter Harold Pollack now realizes that judgement time is coming to this country concerning the factual results of the Obama Administration’s and the democrat party’s great leap to the left and their nationalizing healthcare, some one sixth of the American economy.

I suspect the worst backlash won’t actually come from uninsured or under-insured people who actually buy coverage on the new exchanges. Backlash will come from people with pretty crummy jobs who hear that their hours are cut back. Backlash will come from people with limited employer-based coverage who face higher premiums or encounter other changes such as disliked wellness provisions. Some will look across the fence at decent plans on the new exchanges, only to discover that they can’t receive subsidies if they spurn their employer’s coverage.

Thousands of employers will blame “ObamaCare” for whatever unpopular moves they impose their workers. It’s the obvious play. In many cases, this blame will be mostly or entirely misplaced. Other times, the blame will be justified, reflecting glitches or unintended consequences of the new law. Either way, many workers will believe what their employers tell them. Millions of workers with relatively modest incomes will see their lives getting a little worse when they were hoping that health reform would make their lives a little better. …

At long last, we’re nearing put-up or shut-up time for the new law. ACA’s political fortunes will rest on whether it tangibly improves peoples’ lives. If it does that, the politics will take care of itself. If it doesn’t, Republicans won’t need Avik’s columns or anyone else’s to knock it down.

3 Feedbacks on "Let the People Judge"


The Democrats were pretty glib passing this without any Republicans and using various unconstitutional subtrafuges. They have enjoyed jamming it down our throat while exempting themselves. Obama enjoyed his little appearances where he basically told the Republicans and the citizens to go to hell. Now some Democrats are having a little remorse. People are finally finding out what was in the bill and no one is happy about it. Obama’s chickens have come home to roost.


He makes it sound easy to un-spill the milk. It’s more like regrowing a Bonsai that’s been ripped from the earth and destroyed. It could take years to undo.


Yet history suggests that people seldom identify government as the source of the collateral damage. The only reason in the world an employer would be involved in your health care is because of the Federal tax code; yet today that is just the way the world works, isn’t it?

For Democrats there is no downside to having everyone in an uproar about Obamacare, since the “solution” will always be to impose even more government control. It’s like being the only mechanic in town. Putting sugar in the gas tank only brings you more business.

One of the consequences of Obamacare will be that fewer people will purchase their health care from employers. They will flock to the Obamacare exchanges, then complain about how much those policies cost and demand that government sprinkle the magic fairy dust that creates abundance out of scarcity. Problem solved (for Democrats).


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