05 Nov 2013

Ayn Rand Ruined Her Life

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Alyssa Bereznak, in Salon, describes a childhood blighted by a selfish and unfeeling father, and tells us that it was reading Ayn Rand that made him that way.

The Bereznaks generally must be careless and inaccurate readers because, after all, Ayn Rand’s protagonists do noble and generous acts and without the slightest hesitation throw away their companies and careers for their principles or to protect their loved ones. Ayn Rand just thought that acting in the interest of loved ones was really a selfish act, as the loved one is looked upon as an extension of the self. Bereznak père was clearly defective as a Randian as well as as a father.

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Another case of a leftist who thinks that parenting is altruistic when it’s pretty much the definition of Randian selfishness: the only means to extend the self into the deep future.

Even reading the scientific literature on altruism you have leftist scientists who really try and contort what behaviors constitute “altruism.” Apparently behaviors meant to seduce a mate are altruistic, and again, this is nonsense as investment toward copulation and procreation is clearly a selfish act not a sacrificial act.


Objectivism validates jerks, it doesn’t make them.


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