08 Dec 2013

Glitches Happen

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I can’t decide if Obama is incompetent, intentionally crashing the system (Cloward, Plivin, Alinsky) or the worst possible alternative a Manchurian candidate. If we knew more about him we might know the answer. We know very little about this man and yet we elected him president. But someone masterminded his rise to power, of that there is little doubt. As a penniless foriegn student he was accepted into prestigious schools and someone paid for those schools. His professors and fellow classmates never saw him and yet he graduated. There is a story here, perhaps the greatest scam story ever. People who because of their job who are in a position to know some of the facts have been threatened by Obama’s mafia if they dare release any information about him. And yet the press remains silent and worse even discourages anyne fromasking the questions. Why? If this was George Bush we would know which drugs he took and when and which laws he broke, never mind his college transcripts. Why is the fix in? Who is that powerful? I know that if I had access to his college records I would leak them and consider it my patriotic duty to do it. If I worked in the records department of Hawaii I would release a copy of his official birth certificate and coppies of a couple just before and just after as well. I simply can’t believe that no one has given up any of his secrets. Why? I fear what we have is the American nightmare an agent of a foreign power installed as our president.

James Madison

Brilliant comment, thank you!


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