20 Dec 2013

They’d Have to Pay Me by the Hour to Go There…


The Pittsburgh edition of Craigslist recently featured an employment ad, reported by the Puffington Host:

[S]eeking someone to attend Harvard University for four years in another’s stead. The poster offers $40,000 a year, plus a $10,000 bonus after graduation. The ad, which appeared under Writing Gigs in Pittsburg’s Craigslist has some high-level requirements: The chosen “student” must have a 4.0 GPA in high school or a 3.5 GPA in a university, must be male and must pass all tests once attending Harvard.

Apart from the disgrace, and having to breathe the air of Boston, this wouldn’t be such a bad gig. I wonder if one’s major would be prescribed, and do you get a bonus if you achieve election to a good final club?

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Boston is a great city and one of the few big cities I would “choose” to live in.
In the 60’s friends and I would go to Harvard and walk along some of the streets where college kids rented apartments listening for the sounds of a party. We would then show up as if we were supposed to be there and party with them. Those were the good old days…

Walter Sobchak

Schmuck doesn’t realize that they only reason to go to Harvard is to marry a rich girl. Sending John Alden will not help you.


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