28 Feb 2014

Snowmobiler Stands His Ground Versus Moose


The shooter and the location of the shooting are nowhere identified on the Web. A lot of viewers are indignant and express criticism that the snowmobiler did not turn around or leave the trail, but snowmobiles have no reverse and it is really unlikely that he could have gotten his machine out of that tree-bordered trail. The YouTube version offers additionally the extenuating information that the shooter had a heart condition and was defending his son. Obviously the moose could have left the trail more easily and the moose clearly initiated a physical contest for possession of the right of way.

73% of respondents to a Wyoming radio station poll thought the shooter should have done more to avoid the confrontation. I do wonder how many would have felt the same way when on the receiving end of an incoming moose hoof.

I was myself surprised to see a Glock so effectively drop a moose. I wonder what it was chambered in.

3 Feedbacks on "Snowmobiler Stands His Ground Versus Moose"

Lazarus Long

That was not an 8 foot wide groomed trail. If the sno-mo had tried to use the reverse (they do have them) to turn around he would likely have gotten stuck. That moose would have likely still charged. After that moose did the first charge at the driver all bets were off. Bring out the firepower and don’t mess around.


Another example of effective gun control used against an unarmed attacker. Just like the last well known example everyone not involved believes the “victim” was required to absorb the beating (hoofing?) rather then defend himself.

T. Shaw

Hey 73%, that would be your sure bet to earn your very own, personal “Darwin Award.”


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