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04 Nov 2022

Somebody Actually Eats Those Things

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10 Aug 2021

Close Encounter of the Bull Moose Kind


01 Feb 2017

Moose in Basement


The Washington Post reports on an unusual case of home invasion in Hailey, Idaho.

It’s been a rough winter in the American West, with heavy snowfalls that are causing trouble for even the hardiest locals.

Take, for example, the Idaho moose in the photo above. Like a lot of wildlife in the area, it probably meandered early Saturday into the town of Hailey in pursuit of food, according to the Blaine County Sheriff’s Office. It ended up tumbling down a window well and crashing into the carpeted basement of a house — which, to be fair, looked pretty cozy.

Sheriff’s deputies, police officers and Idaho Department of Fish and Game Senior Conservation Officer Alex Head were called to the scene at about 2:30 a.m. They tried to coax the animal up the stairs, but “the moose was having none of it, charging the officers several times,” Josh Royse, a Fish and Game regional conservation officer, wrote on the department’s website.

The authorities ended up sedating the female moose, who, fittingly, slipped into a more mellow state near a Bob Marley wall tapestry.

“With all hands on deck, the sleeping giant was carried up the stairs and out the front door,” he wrote. “It woke up in the snow covered street, groggy and confused, but free.”

Apparently, in 2015, an elk got into a basement in the same town.

29 Dec 2015

Charging Moose

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20 May 2014

Finns Had Pet Elk

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Back in the late 1980s, some Finns evidently shared their home with a pet elk (the animal we call a moose in this hemisphere). Personally, I would never let my moose sit on my waterbed.

Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

28 Feb 2014

Snowmobiler Stands His Ground Versus Moose


The shooter and the location of the shooting are nowhere identified on the Web. A lot of viewers are indignant and express criticism that the snowmobiler did not turn around or leave the trail, but snowmobiles have no reverse and it is really unlikely that he could have gotten his machine out of that tree-bordered trail. The YouTube version offers additionally the extenuating information that the shooter had a heart condition and was defending his son. Obviously the moose could have left the trail more easily and the moose clearly initiated a physical contest for possession of the right of way.

73% of respondents to a Wyoming radio station poll thought the shooter should have done more to avoid the confrontation. I do wonder how many would have felt the same way when on the receiving end of an incoming moose hoof.

I was myself surprised to see a Glock so effectively drop a moose. I wonder what it was chambered in.

21 Jan 2014

Not Perhaps the Ideal Pet


Despite the “moose” reference, this seems to be from Sweden where they’d call that an elk.

Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

11 Jul 2013

A Very Canadian Way to Go

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07 Jul 2013

There’s Probably an Interesting Story Here

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25 Sep 2011

Picture of the Day

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The photograph seems to come from Go Moose via Theo.

23 Apr 2010

Moose Fun

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Baby moose (and family) discover the joys of a lawn sprinkler, Anchorage, Alaska, June 2008. In Europe, they call these elk.

3:52 video

10 May 2007

Driveway Excitement

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If you lived in Homer, Alaska, like Gary and Teri Lyon, you could get up on Sunday morning and find a Kodiak Bear (Ursus arctos middendorffi) killing a moose in your driveway, too.


0:19 video 1

0:37 video 2

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