07 Apr 2014


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Imagine for a moment the uproar if the Walton family managed to get Wal-Mart’s president fired for contributing to a gay marriage initiative.


It is absolutely amazing to me that after all these years the left is still angry that McCarthy outed communist who organized to destroy this country. Oh, I know that the left wing apologists have rewritten history and declared that these were not “real” communist plotting to over throw the government but merely some people who got together over coffee to discuss politics… But then after the cold war ended and the old Soviet Union collapsed we discovered that indeed they did work hand in hand with the communist and took their marching orders from the KGB. Many of our secrets were handed to the Soviets by many of these same “useful idiots” McCarthy was exposing. But still the most radical leftists among us, those that cheered Castro and Hugo Chavez will tell any lie and ignore any truth to make McCarthy the bad guy and to exonorate the communist who spied on our country and collaborated with the USSR. And true to form our media aids them by supporting the lie and hiding the truth.


At college, we used to sing:

“Fighting Joe McCarthy,
We’re one and all for you.
You got the dirty commies,
and you’ll get the pinkos, too!”

Gucci Soldes

In a leap of stupidity, Ethan figures the only way to get the final script written is to travel back to meet with the man that inspired the story to begin with Lonnie, the handicapped vet from the first film; Peter wife Sarah convinces him that he owes Ethan for his help during their daughters birth. Peter reluctantly agrees to help Ethan on the provision that they fly to any destination that they maybe going to. At his Savile Row showroom, Kinder Aggugini, a former Versace designer, concurs. Hi



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