18 Jun 2014

Every Russian Novel

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Ivan Aivazovsky and Ilya Repin, Pushkin’s Farewell to the Sea, 1877, All-Russian Pushkin Museum, Moscow.

Chapter list:

6. An Argument That Is Mostly In French

7. It’s Very Cold Out And Love Does Not Exist Also

8. The Nihilist Buffs His Fingernails While Society Crumbles

9. There Is No God

10. 400 Pages Of A Single Aristocratic Family’s Slow, Alcoholic Decline

Hat tip to Tristyn Bloom.

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In an American novel, boy meets girl. Both want each other, but they have some difficulties. But they work them out and live happily ever after.

In a French novel, boy meets girl. They fall passionately in love, but a tragedy overtakes them and one or the other dies. The other is heartbroken.

In a Russian novel, boy meets girl. They don’t like each other; they don’t want each other; they don’t get each other and they brood about it for 900 pages.

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