12 Aug 2014

Nixon Battling Saber-Toothed Tiger

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Quote the artist: “When Richard Nixon first traveled through time there was a considerable malfunction with his time machine, he was transported back to the ice age where he ended up battling a sabertooth tiger.”

You find strange and wonderful things on the Internet, even things which boggle the mind. Yesterday, I was doing a Google Image Search and, in the normal manner of things, a number of images having nothing recognizably in common with what I had searched for turned up. One usually just skims past those kinds of images, instantly dismissing them from mind, but this image made me stop and do a double-take.

I began to hear Neil Young singing: “Smilodon tabbies and Nixon coming…”

The artist, a fellow named SharpWriter, seems to have done quite a lot of US presidents and some historical figures as fantasy superheroes. Check out Bill Clinton. I think this artist has ascended past the realm of kitsch to the space of laughing-with-appreciation.


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