21 Aug 2014

Lib Says Ferguson Residents Too Prone to Blaming Themselves

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Poor innocent 18-year-old Michael Brown, shortly before he was shot by an obviously racially-biased police officer.

Helpfully, in the New Republic, Julia Ioffe warns that African Americans in Ferguson, Missouri have been excessively self critical.

This self-criticism—or self-flagellation—is nothing new. It’s the return of a phenomenon that is referred to by African-American historians as the “politics of respectability.” “During times of unrest, black writers going back to the early 20th century have argued that the reason blacks are facing discrimination or police brutality is because they have not been acting properly in public—particularly young, poor people,” says Michael Dawson, a political scientist and director of the Center for the Study of Race, Politics, and Culture at the University of Chicago. “In the last 20 years, it’s been a criticism of baggy pants, rap music, hair styles. Back in my generation, it was Afros. I remember my grandparents telling me, ‘you should cut your hair.’”

Respectability, in essence, is about policing the behavior in your community to make sure people are behaving “properly,” so as to not attract unwelcome attention from whites—“with ‘properly’ being a normatively white middle class presentation,” says Dawson. In feminist discourse, a similar phenomenon among women is described as internalizing the patriarchal gaze.

Concerned citizens in Ferguson, Missouri protesting police violence and militarization of the police.

5 Feedbacks on "Lib Says Ferguson Residents Too Prone to Blaming Themselves"

T. Shaw

Just about everyone involved displays a stark lack of self-awareness translation: “lump of shit for brains.”

Ms. Joffe, it’s not about baggy pants. It’s stick-ups, strong arm robberies, muggings, menacing society . . .

The first thing that comes to mind when I see (on TV) a yout’ striding through a smashed, plate-glass window with a flat screen TV is not “He’s working peace and justice!”


Here’s a couple of helpful tips for those who want to avoid police violence.

1. Don’t commit robbery
2. Don’t punch a police officer in the face

I’m pretty sure this works for whites as well as blacks.


“internalizing the patriarchal gaze.”
Or maybe internalizing the white man gaze. How about acting normal or doing what is expected of someone oldenough to know better. I do not think for a second that if that had been a white “unarmed teenager” who stole from the store and pushed and intimidated a black store owner then went on to assault and seriously injure a black police officer that the media would be memorializing the criminal. We wouldn’t hear stories about how white boys are always being told to act more honestly and appropriately or how there is a war on white boys (well in fact there is but that’s another story). This entire national display is racism pure and simple. No! Not white racism towards blacks but ironically black racism towards whites. If this criminal had been white he would be called a “man” at age 18 and if his crime involved attacking individuals of another race there would be charges of racism by the criminal. We need an honest dialogue about race in this country. 99% of white people spend zero time everyday thinking about race either positively or negatively. The only time it enters into our conciousness is when an incident like this happens and the race baiters and msm liars start their diatribe about racism. The problem for white America regarding race is similar to the problem for America regarding Islam. That is we don’t think about them or worry about them but the other side thinks about the issues all the time and is constantly looking for trouble. We will continue to be blindsided by racist blacks and their enablers until we recognize and accept that while white America over the last 50 years has successfully purged racism from their belief system that black America has embraced racism like a religion.


You guys have it all wrong.

Brown was a model citizen. The tape you saw online was doctored to run backwards by the evil news department at Fox. Brown, you see, being the kind, gentle soul that he is… errr.. was, was just helping the store clerk who had accidentally stumbled into the rack. Brown was pulling him away and out of danger from the falling rolls of toilet paper (which you can’t see because the picture crops them out.)

As for later, it was all a mistake. You see, Officer Wilson accidentally hit himself in the eye when he realized he could have had a V-8 that morning like his wife told him. Wilson, a veritable specimen of physical manliness, being so muscle bound, missed his forehead and hit himself in the eye. Then, as Brown approached, Wilson got out of his car, but, understandably he was a little woozy. Seeing his problem, Brown, being the good citizen always, was trying to help Wilson sit down back into his cruiser so he wouldn’t fall and hurt himself. When the gun went off, Brown retreated and asked his accomplice… friend, to check him out to see if was hit. At that point, Wilson tried again, foolishly, to get out of the car and Brown ran to his rescue. When Brown realized that Wilson, a member of Ferguson’s finest had totally misunderstood his (Brown’s) intentions, he (Brown) was overcome with sorrow and deep depression. Unable to stand the physical and psychological pain caused by Wilson’s rejection of his heroic efforts, Brown decided that life wasn’t worth living, so he took Wilson’s service weapon and shot himself to end it all.

You see… you guys have it all wrong, and that’s why Ferguson is rioting. Only minorities understand the truth of the situation.

BTW, in order to avoid problems in the future, all policemen should be ordered to always drink their juice in the morning like good, little boys.


P.S. The store clerk, relieved that he had been saved from a terrible beating from the falling rolls of toilet paper, GAVE Brown the cigarillos, over Brown’s protests, out of sheer gratitude.


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