23 Sep 2014

Dating Profile

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A very well done election ad. But it misses the point by so much I doubt that the politicians even understand the point. We have Obama as president because you the politicians and you the press failed us terribly. Yes we citizens deserve some of that blame we are too self absorbed and after decades of living well we have grown so accustomed to it we never thought a mere presidency could take it all away from us. But yu politicians put up opposition candidates who were totally incapable and the only thing they had going for them is that you professional politicians liked them. Where are the statesmen and candidates who would put our country and our citizens first. Surely you could have found someone better to run against Obama the McCain. And you the press, where was the vetting of Obama? To this day we don’t even know if he actually attended the universities he graduated from. His fellow classmates and professors claimed to have never even seen him on campus and in class. Where is the invetigation into Obama’s history? Where is the investigation into his eligibility to even be president? Why did you pimp for this guy? Why did you give us a Manchurian candidate who clearly hates this country and intends to destroy it. His zeal to destroy us is being held back now only by the looming election but after the election he intends to deliver the coup de grace. We are witnessing the collapse of this once great country and you the press are more to blame then anyone else. Where were you when it counted?


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