18 Oct 2014

A Political Lesson in Ten Parts

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Michael Walsh identifies ten things Americans can learn from the Obama Administration’s handling of the Ebola crisis.

1) If a retread party hack like Klain is the best Obama can do, then the Democrat talent pool is incredibly shallow. Naturally, though, Obama wouldn’t think of going outside it.

2) The President considers Ebola a political/messaging problem, not a medical problem. Klain is an an insider process guy, not an expert in the field.

3) The fact that we need a “Czar” to cut across federal agency red-tape and make things happen expeditiously is an indictment of the federal agencies themselves, although no Democrat would ever dare to suggest such a thing. The choice signals that, as Ronald Reagan said, government itself is the problem, not the solution.

4) The reason they won’t dare is that the federal agencies — unelected hives of beetling bureaucrats, scurrying beneath the media surface — are the sources of their power. You don’t alienate or fire your most ardent union voters and financial supporters.

5) This is a government devoted to process, not results. Its most deeply held belief — a by-product of its quasi-Marxist belief in the “labor theory of value” — is that putting in hours and hitting “metrics” is the job itself, not whatever it ostensibly happens to be about; hey, even if you die, they get paid. In this sense, bureaucrats are similar to to the education majors who teach our children in the public schools, with no particular expertise in anything but theory. And the results speak for themselves.

6) With theory ascendant over common sense, the government’s adamant refusal so far to ban travel to and from West Africa and its affected nations proves conclusively that Leftists are perfectly willing to have you die for their ideological beliefs.

7) The longer this goes on, the more the panic will spread — look what happened at the Pentagon earlier today, or on this cruise ship. If you haven’t started to panic yet, then read this.

8) Regarding the open borders and open airports, a larger issue: why is the Left so adamantly opposed to the people’s right to defend themselves? There is nothing “racist” about closing the country to travelers from certain countries in west Africa — heck, the Africans have already done it themselves.

9) In twice electing Barack Obama president Americans made a choice: professional politicians over men of integrity. Symbolism over substance (hello, Nobel Peace Prize). Potential over accomplishment. Guilt over responsibility.

10) If the naked malevolence of the Leftist project for America isn’t visible to you now, then you’re beyond help.

But hey, not to worry — Kevin Spacey played Ron Klain in a movie. So it’s all good.

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“This is a government devoted to process, not results”

You find the same sort of tendency in many large organizations. In the private sector, though, these tendencies are checked by the brutal discipline of competition. What is unique about government is that it operates monopolies, where competitive constraints do not exist.

In the private sector the penalties for poor performance can be severe. In the public sector there are few penalties, as long as you don’t do something grandly and publicly stupid. And as Lois Lerner and Julia Pierson demonstrate that “penalty” is a fat government pension.


It seems to me that the reason this particular political hack was choosen is his ability to pull off a cover-up. I think what is in play here is that Obama is bringing in as many “immigrants” as he can and doesn’t want the ebola crisis to either interfere with this or to spotlight it. Prior to this event did you or anyone else know that 150 people a day come to the U.S. from Liberia? There seems to be a concerted effort by Obama’s administration to push as many people over the border as possible before he is out of office in 2016. This plan was originally hatched by Democrats in the 60’s as a path to total dominance of politics in the U.S. The plan was to push legal and illegal immigration while at the same time giving these new potential voters “free stuff” and buying them as Democrat voters forever. That was working and did work quite well. But today the plan is expanding, many in power actually really dislike America and in particular Americans of European descent. Now the plan is to not just take over politics for the Democrat party but for a coalition of anti-white voters who will bring their bizarro version of “equality to this country. That will mean limits and prohibitions on white’s in positions of power and laws and court decisions that mandate “reparations” and higher taxes and other punative actions to “get even” and of course to continue the never endng flow of “free stuff”. Think about the recent massive immigrations that have taken place over the last 5 years. Muslims, West Africans, Haitians, Mexicans, South Americans, Chinese, and others. Literally millions and millions of immigrants legal and illegal. One estimate puts this number at 30 million in Obama’s five years. With his recent acceleration of the plan it could be another 20 million before he leaves office. Combine this with the Democrat penchant to have non-citizens vote and you have the makings of a disaster.


Top Men – After spinning upright for an extended period, the angular momentum, and therefore the gyroscopic effect will gradually lessen, leading to ever increasing precession, finally causing the top to topple in a frequently violent last thrash.


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