08 Jan 2015

Rob Tornoe: Free Speech Will Always Win

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Okay, to remember all the tweets about “our girls” in Nigeria? So what did Boko Haram do? Kidnap some more girls, that’s what. What about all the outrage in the press and on the net about beheadings? Guess what, they still happen. What about the “stern rebukes” from our dear leader? Made any difference? No. Time to clean house and burn the trash. Really.


Not if you’re on a typical university campus.


You got that right.


What’s getting me laughing a bit about all this fuss about free speech and saving “Charlie Hebdo” magazine is that people who fail to be fluent in French cannot read, and therefore know, that it is fiercely anti-capitalist (and closely tied, since 1968, with the French communist party), that it stands against all religions Christianism included, and that it is antisemit (quite ironically given the circumstances).

Joe Mac

Only if you are willing to sacfifice and fight for it.


They were communists & vulgarians, but they were our communists & vulgarians, and the camel-fornicating sand monkeys are not entitled to kill them.


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