12 Jan 2015

Lafayette, We Are Not There

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The New York Daily News and Gateway Pundit both comment upon just how conspicuous was the absence of major representatives of the Obama Administration at the Paris march against Islamic terrorism.

It was an international rally against terror.

Over 50 world leaders were in attendance.

But no Obama.

The Obama administration sent three representatives to Michael Brown’s funeral in Ferguson, Missouri.

But only the Ambassador to France made the historic anti-terror march in Paris today.

Attorney General Eric Holder was in Paris but was not seen at the march.

But when you elect a president educated at a madrassa as a child, who thinks the ululations of the muezzin are a pretty sound, who has celebrated the end of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan with an Iftar dinner each year he has been in the White House, who told the United Nations in 2012 that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam,” and who has worn since at least 1981 a ring with “There is no God but Allah” inscribed in Arabic, would you really expect him to fly to Paris to march in this parade?


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I have two other hypothesizes about the American absence to the French rally this last weekend.

The first says that Barrack Obama and his administration didn’t see the usefulness of helping French president Francois Hollande and his administration restore their popularity in their own country (which his knowing an unprecedented down in French history, as a matter of fact).

The second says that the U.S. Government does not fight terrorism with cartoons and speeches but with guns, bombs and some other lethal means (mainly).


The French philosopher and the Warrior.

A French philosopher gay
Sang the old good day away,
And found himself stupid
By the terrorist first roar.
Of peace or of strength,
Not a morsel he had!
So a begging he went,
To his neighbor the Warrior,
For the loan of some good trick,
Which would serve him to use,
Till security came round.
“I will praise you a bit,” he saith,
“On a platonist’s faith,
Double weight in the pound
Ere the better days be bound.”
The Warrior is a friend
(And here he might mend)
Little given to pass as a fool.
“Did you stand by my side?”(1)
Quoth he, looking shame
At the borrowing sophist.
“Night and day by each comer
I wronged you, if you please.”
“You wronged me! I’m at ease;
For ʼtis plain at a glance,
Now, Sir, you must dance.”

1. Here the Warrior is making allusion to the French decision to vote against the U.S. War on Terror at the UNO Security Council, in March 2003.


I didn’t see any looting at the demonstrations this weekend. Obama should have sent Al Sharpton as his representative to show them how it’s done in the US.


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