24 Jul 2015

Population Y, An Older Than the Ameridians Population in the Americas

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The Register describes the findings of genetic research reported in a paper in Nature, titled “Genetic evidence for two founding populations of the Americas.”

A long-vanished race of humans, whose descendants now survive only among certain indigenous peoples in Australasia and in the Amazon jungles, may have been the true, original Native Americans, according to new genetics research.

The clue to the existence of this mysterious “Population Y” has been found by boffins probing the genes of various native-American peoples. Amazingly, the researchers found that a couple of tribes in the Amazon jungle actually had quite a lot in common genetically with others in Australia, New Guinea and the Andaman Islands.

It’s well known, of course, that humanity spread from its original cradle in Africa out across Asia and thus south to Australasia and separately north – via the Bering Strait land bridge, then in existence – to North America.

The first emigrants across the Bering were the First Americans. What’s not totally clear is exactly when they arrived, how many of them there were, what other groups arrived at what point etc. Given that they were arriving via a travel route just south of the ice sheets which then covered a lot of the northern globe, it’s generally thought that they didn’t come in a continuous stream, but more probably in waves when conditions were favourable.

One widely-held theory has it that the First Americans arrived in one wave of fairly genetically similar people, and this theory fitted pretty well with the observed genetics of native-American people both North and South. But the Amazon-Australasia linkage has pretty much upset that applecart.

“We spent a really long time trying to make this result go away and it just got stronger,” says Professor David Reich of the Harvard Medical School.

Read the whole thing.

Unmentioned besides is a possible third group, the Solutrean Hypothesis, a theory based on archaeological evidence which proposes also some Trans-Atlantic settlement of the Americas.

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If Rachel Dolezal can do it, so can I. I hereby identify with Population Y, so all you Johnny-come-latelies can either leave or pay me reparations.

All you Arapahoes, Creeks, Crows, Apaches, Navajos, Hopis, etc, just clear out of my land. Elizabeth Warren and Ward Churchill are the first to go.

That goes for all the Aztlan-ers, too. Beat it!


It seems unlikely that man crossed the bering strait at the hieght (depth) of a ice age.

The genes might match and thus make a single wave seem logical, but why wouldn’t it make as much sense to assume that there were multiple waves from the same gene pool sitting over in Siberia? The history of early America is one of tribes fighting and exterminating other tribes then taking their land. Where did these new tribes come from if not from multiple waves?

I assume they have the DNA from the Kennewick man. Oh! that’s right. The Kennewick man didn’t fit the politically correct model and he had to be eliminated.

So tell me again why they are so sure they are right.


Boligat —

I’m pretty sure my great grandmother told me about someone in our family who walked across the Bering Strait. So I think I have a prior claim.

(It’s much more fun to be a PC liberal sometimes)

T. Shaw


Eff That! Let’s scalp all them dastards.



If you are willing to throw out Ward Churchill and Elizabeth Warren and all the La Raza crowd then I’ll go 50/50 with you. There’s plenty for both of us, but no fair bringing anyone else into the arrangement.


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