09 Aug 2015

Fourier Series Using Circles

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3 Feedbacks on "Fourier Series Using Circles"

Bill Cook

Being a Geography major and a pilot, I’m not sure of the math, but it is remarkably cool.


My life in undergraduate school would’ve been soooooo much easier if i’d’ve gone through post-graphing calculators…

This is cool.


Everyone see things a different way. It makes me thinking about a system for coding texts; not so far in its principle from the Enigma machine. On can easily do the same at home with a bicycle. Put the bicycle upside down on its saddle and bar, then turn the pedal and see when a given link of the chain will hook a second time at the same place on the small rear wheel. Then, think about an imaginary bicycle with a second chain powered by a third wheel on the same axle of the second… and so on.


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