15 Aug 2015

If Other Guys Said What Donald Trump Says…

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Hat tip to Lynn Chu.

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As I’ve said before Donald Trump “must be destroyed”! The elite in charge are worried. The Republicans and Democrats don’t really care which side gets elected as long as the looting of the treasury can continue. But some upstart outsider who would actually upset the apple cart can not be allowed to survive. It will get worse…

My question is was it the Democrat or Republican operatives who created this youtube video?


Funny stuff from Obama-supporting NBC’s “Buzzfeed” outlet. Shall I expect the same hilarious swipes at Hillary, like when she called her Secret Service agent a “shit kicker” and demanded he carry her suitcases?


@Gone, Former Politico’s Ben Smith runs the show now, its initial funding was Marc Andreesen’s VC firm with subsequent funding from NBC.

Cultural Marxists use ridicule and mockery as a very effective weapon.


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