27 Aug 2015

The Trump Temptation

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Establishmentarian James Lileks finds himself tempted to remove his JEB BUSH button and start rooting for The Donald.

The Donald, laid out the skyscraper’s blueprints, and said, “We’ve got a problem. The geological surveys were wrong, and there’s just not enough bedrock to support 95 stories. We’ll have to scale it back.”

I don’t doubt that at that moment, Trump narrows his eyes, lets the tension build, keeps his tongue as the the clock on the wall ticks — a beautiful, 19th-century clock made by one of Europe’s finest clock makers, finest pearl on the face and ivory on the sweep hand. Not that he supports killing elephants; he’s a big fan of elephants, he had a statue of one outside the Atlantic City casino, which, by the way, made more money its first year than any casino in history, the people loved it . . . Anyway, the moment builds, the clock ticks, sweat starts on the brows of the engineers.

Trump nods. Then he speaks. “Find a way.”

“You mean — double the footings and cross-brace the structure?”

“If that’s what it takes.”

Quick looks among the engineers: The legends are true. Another clears his throat: “We need an inertial dampening mechanism at the top of the structure, or it will sway in high winds. Right now, the design just has penthouses.”

Trump nods. “The views will be tremendous.”

“But people will be sickened by the motion of the structure.”

“The problem with America today is too many people are throwing up. I can change that.”

A sigh of relief around the table.

I imagine that’s how it goes, right? That’s why I know this man is such a threat. He gets things done. I look at the rest of the candidates, and I’m pretty sure not one of them ever went on-site with a hard-hat and solved the problem of weak water pressure on the 82nd floor. If Donald Trump can built a 95-story skyscraper and have a heckler ejected in a news conference, of course he can build a wall and find every illegal and put them on a bus to wherever. He’d do it by decree, right? I am so waiting for someone to do the decree thing for stuff I secretly want.

He’ll ride a horse up Pennsylvania Avenue on Inauguration Day, right? Say he’ll ride a horse and I am off Jeb’s team in a second.

Hat tip to Robert Laird.

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I cannot vote for Jeb. If the choice is Jeb and Hillary or Bernie or Biden I will vote for the Democrat. I am sick and tired of Rinos promising what the base wants them to say and then once in office acting like the Democrats. Screw them I will vote for no more Rinos.


Making the trains run on time ? Not what I’m looking for .


Trump is the price the GOP leadership is paying for not having passed a bill that provided enhanced border security, e-verify and worker visas. Obama would have vetoed it, of course, but the lines would be drawn around a doable plan, not some fantasy of amending the consitution and Mexico-financed walls

Bill Cook

I’ll second SDD. The sitting republicans are Democrat Lite. Trump is saying the things many of us voted for and all we got for our efforts is John Boehner. If Trump is elected, will he be any worse than what we have?

T. Shaw

I’m independent habitual GOP voter. Agree with the above. Will not vote for Bush, Inc. Will not vote for another rino

Let Obama veto everything they send him. No, they can’t do that. Let Obama close the government. No they can’t do that. They need to close the government and throw away the key. No they can’t do that. The professional, lying sacs of feces will criticize them more than they already do.

T. Shaw

The GOP simply is one of the two buttocks of the brainless ass stealing our liberty and property.

Mark Matis

The Rove Republicans are nothing more than the other end of the same steaming turd as the Democrats. The only difference is whose cronies get to slop at the government trough when THEY are in charge. Trump’s published immigration plan sure makes more sense than ANYTHING that has come out of the politicians in MANY years.

sound awake

trump wouldve put the twin towers back up faster than it took to build the originals

they wouldve been the exact same towers except a few stories taller

any terrorist from that day forward would have at least thought twice about it before he gave his life to knock something down in america that we would build right back up again anyway

ANYBODY who says that we shouldnt have put the same two towers back up is a PUSSY


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