31 Aug 2015

But Who Decided That a Swiss Army Knife Was a “Weapon”?

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We have gotten used to reading about these little-kid-expelled-from-school-for-possession-of-a-pocket-knife happening in the suburbs of New England or California, but in Pennsylvania?

Recently a ten-year-old female violinist was expelled from the toney Valley School of Ligonier because the young musician was found to be using a Swiss Army Knife to remove broken strings from her violin bow.

Her parents consequently attempted to enroll her in the public school for their local district, but found her admission jeopardized by the report of her expulsion for “bringing weapons onto school property” from the young lady’s previous school.

All this nincompoopery is connected, in Pennsylvania, to a Safe School Act (passed in 1995, and amended in 1997 and subsequently added to) which in the case of a student expelled due to a weapon or drugs being brought on to school property, obligates other schools to apply the same expulsion. The parents are suing on the basis that these zero tolerance policies have inflicted on their daughter a “defamatory stigma.”


Centre Daily Times

The Violin Channel

4 Feedbacks on "But Who Decided That a Swiss Army Knife Was a “Weapon”?"


This has got to stop. Home school the kid, if need be.


Damn… I landed in Boston Logan Airport with one in my pocket. The big Victorinox, with plenty of very sharp and shiny blades, agressive screwdrivers, a terrible corkscrew and a very efficient toothpick, for worse!

But, well, believe it or not, nothing happened. No one was hurt (me included). My plane didn’t crash. And customs didn’t care at all about my little Swiss jack-of-all-trade.

It was in 2001, I must say. A few months before all edgy things got angry overnight against pilots, hostesses and passengers; although I can testify they don’t speak of word of arab and they believe essentially in good cheese, wine and mechanics.


I think her bow could do more damage to someone.


Stupid people acting stupidly.


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