10 Sep 2015

“Snow White and Her Seven Friends”

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National Review reports a new landmark in political correctness has been hit in Britain.

De Monfort Hall in Leicester, England, has announced that there will be no dwarves in its Snow White Christmas pantomime because the word “dwarf” is too offensive. The production will be called “Snow White and her Seven Friends” and feature child actors as the “friends,” according to an article in the Leicester Mercury.

Despite the fact that that Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs has been around for approximately 9 million years, a spokeswoman for the theater insisted to the Mercury that the word “dwarf” is “generally not a word that people feel comfortable with” and that the play had to be changed.

Whole thing.

4 Feedbacks on "“Snow White and Her Seven Friends”"


Snow White and her seven friends who identify as male. Or should we make sure that at least four of them represent the LGBT community. And of course 3.5 of them must be female or you are sexist. two of them must be African-American and two must be muslim and one must be an atheist. None can be white males since they are too privileged. In fact I am offended by the title “Snow White” and demand it be changed to “Snow person of color”.


So can we look forward to the Differently-Abled Victim of Notre Dame?

Roy Lofquist

That Snow White thing has always been Disney treacle. I mean, only one of those runts was actually Happy.


Why not just change it to “Yellow Snow”? Isn’t that what they are doing to it anyway?


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