14 Sep 2015

Shooting the Chauchat

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Lot 3767: “Fusil Mitrailleur Modele 1915 CSRG”, better known as the Chauchat

James D. Julia is selling a Chauchat in the course of their October 5-7 Firearms Auction and has released today another of the highly informative Forgotten Weapons videos devoted to this famous, but widely despised, particular weapon of WWI.

Wikipedia article.

17:48 video

One Feedback on "Shooting the Chauchat"


I just checked – you can still get new 8mm Lebel ammo. Better get a bunch if you’re buying a machine gun!

Saw an article recently about the Pedersen Device, a Goldberg contraption that turned a 1903 Springfield into a semiauto. It was to be used to the Grand Offensive of 1919, but as of the end of the war was determined to be obsolete and almost all copies were destroyed.


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