17 Oct 2015

Democrat Debate Talking Points

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Daniel Greenfield summarizes the democrat debate.

Anderson Cooper: Can you find Syria on a map?

Hillary Clinton: As a woman…

Anderson Cooper: Syria on a map. Can you find it?

Hillary Clinton: As a woman…

Anderson Cooper: Never mind. Senator Sanders, do you agree with the Secretary?

Bernie Sanders: SYRIA? Why are we talking about Syria when 41 PERCENT OF 99 PERCENT of all the money is going to the 1 PERCENT.

Anderson Cooper: Can you just answer the question.

Bernie Sanders: Syria is CONFUSING. Lots of PEOPLE fighting. Economics is SIMPLE. You just take away all the money from all the people who have the MONEY.

Anderson Cooper: The question is about Syria.

Bernie Sanders: Right NOW the 1 PERCENT are eating BABIES. They have piles and PILES of babies in their MANSIONS and on Wall Street and they’re chowing down on them like hungry dogs.

Read the whole thing.

Hat tip to Karen L. Myers.

One Feedback on "Democrat Debate Talking Points"


The great (unreported) irony is that the US tax system is THE most progressive among all the OECD countries. And that evil 1% pays about as much in income tax as the bottom 95% of taxpayers.



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