28 Oct 2015

They Have the Russian Shaking in his Boots

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T. Shaw


In ten years they’ll be wearing burkhas and walking six feet behind their men.


I am very conflicted. I believe in the intent of gender equality and being a son of a amazing woman the husband of an amazing woman and the faather of an amazing woman I certainly want equality and fairness for women and men. But I wouldn’t send my wife out on the front lawn to fight off the zombies and no one would even think that would make sense. The simple fact is that ‘most’ woman are unsuited for combat and by extension unsuited for being a leader of men sent into combat. What makes this issue all the worse is in general your average and typical woman does not choose to run for a public office or be appointed to this kind of position. The women who do choose to run are usually from a special interest group with an agenda to push and this alone in my opinion makes them unworthy of higher office (kind of a catch 22). There will be a price to pay for the West’s foray into gender equality in the military. The price will be paid by women AND men in the military when they are actually put into combat. Until then it’s all well and good to play the games, claim there is discrimination with the intent of getting special treatment to”correct” the supposed discrimination but when it matters most our gender neutral military will suffer and pay the price.


When a country puts the little girls in charge of their defense, the enemy knows they’re just not serious.


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