08 Nov 2015

“There are Silliman Freshmen Who are Afraid of Sleeping in Their Own Beds”


Via Navaisha Harris on Facebook:

Last night in Silliman College:

An unidentified male individual is apparently mopping away chalked slogans and inscriptions pertaining to the Great-Halloween-Costumes-Which-Could-Potentially-Threaten-Students’-Safe-Spaces controversy. A female student, presumably a “person of color”, confronts him and demands to know what he is doing.

He (inaudibly) replies that he is cleaning/removing chalk inscriptions which he considers “slanderous messages.”

(interlude involving milk and laughing)

Unidentified Male defends Associate Masters, Erika and Nicholas Christakis, and Young Female Person of Color replies: “Do you know that there are Silliman freshmen who are afraid of sleeping in their own beds?”

Unidentified Male expresses skepticism of that one, and Young Female Person of Color rejoinders:

“You have no idea how they feel because you a white male with privilege! You don’t know what it’s like to be a woman of color on this campus.”

2 Feedbacks on "“There are Silliman Freshmen Who are Afraid of Sleeping in Their Own Beds”"

Steve Gregg

Then he replied, “And you don’t know how to speak rationally.”

Soren Kierkegaard

I understood there was a code of conduct and perhaps even statutes governing bullying behavior.

The reason the idiot Trump has been popular is he doesn’t tolerate being bullied. True, he is a bully, but he pushes back when someone like this young student of color infringes on the rights of others looking for free speech rights.

She and the lot of those looking for a fight should be placed on honor code probation and then dismissed from the university for failing to respect the rights of others.


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