21 Nov 2015

Let in Syrian Refugees?

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Barack Obama says we are morally obliged to admit them. Before you decide, listen to this account from a German woman who speaks Arabic who traveled with a group of Syrian refugees on the train from Budapest to Vienna recently.

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WHY? One of our countries problems is we have too many people. We can’t employ them all and a very large minority of them willingly choose to not work. Do we ‘need’ more people? Each refugee costs $64,000 in the first five years after we bring them here while at the same time our federal debt is skyrocketing. The federal government is going to cut VA medical care by $4 billion this year to reduce spending while at the same time allotting $3 billion for these 10,000 refugees. We are failing our citizens to appease some misguided liberal desire to appear to do good.

We should freeze all immigration, legal, illegal, refugee and everyone until we can deport all illegal immigrants, control our border and fully assimilate those who are already here. Then allow the citizens to decide if we want legal immigration not the UN or politicians. And if they decide we want more immigrants put measures in place to assure that the taxpayers don’t pay for it. There used to be a system here an immigrant had a sponsor. If the immigrant needed financial help it was the sponsors responsibility to take care of that and not the tax payer.

T. Shaw

Buck Ofama

The social justice warriors commanding my parish’s so-called Christmas appeal tell us to give store gift cards because the poor don’t like getting gifts they didn’t pick out.



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