27 Nov 2015

Worse than Yale’s Silliman College Shrieking Girl

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I haven’t got a lot of respect for Princeton President Christopher Eisengruber’s principles or integrity, but I do admire his self-restraint. I would never have been able to listen to the young lady’s diatribe in the second video without correcting her.

The finger-snapping accompanying all the insolent assertions and demands becomes downright sinister at times. It kind of reminded me of jungle drumbeats or the threatening rattling of spears as the tribe of angry natives menaces the British district officer in one of those 1930s Sanders of the River movies.

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The irony is thick. She and “her people” are there at Princeton because of affirmative action not ability. The colleges have bent over backwards to provide quotas for blacks and even blacks with sub 100 IQs can get scholarships and attend Ivy league colleges based solely on their color. What the demands and protests are all about is simply more ‘free stuff’ with a side serving of more African studies classes because they cannot pass the math and other normal college level classes. Please will someone tell these people the truth to their faces and stop debasing our higher education system for PC reasons.


GWTW, while I generally agree with your comments, I would make one correction. These colleges never bend over backwards for anything or anybody. They do, however, and with a frightening regularity, bend over forward.


Unbelievable. Something is definitively wrong over there. I admit I wouldn’t believe it without these videos as proof. Those folks really seem to be retarded people or a tribe of savages from a remote land.


While the second video is rubbish, President Eisengruber must stand and take it. Elite universities are responsible for creation of this monster and must now live-or die with it.


I’m pretty sure I know how that woman got into Princeton. To give her a degree would be to mock everyone else who worked for one. But to Eisengruber’ I would simply say, “This is what you and your kind have wrought.”


He got schooled.


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