29 Nov 2015

Leftist Politically Correct Extremism Has Ruined Liberalism

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Umair (who is no conservative himself) argues that leftism’s obsession with egalitarianism in its most bizarre manifestations and with regard to the most microscopic grievances has driven the liberal establishment to a kind of madness which distracts it from more real issues and delegitimizes all of its authority.

Every day lately, it seems that the world is going a little bit crazier than the day before. So, like me, you might be forgiveably baffled by the fact that while the planet is melting down, democracy’s broken, the economy’s cratered, the young won’t enjoy careers, retirements, savings, homes, societies are anxious, fractured, angry, the left is furiously obsessed with, willing to battle endlessly over, consumed passionately not with any or all of the above, but by…what to call their love lives. Do you use the right gender pronouns? Are you on board with the latest approved-by-committee terminology? Did you know that according to the internet “romantic” and “sexual” attraction aren’t the same thing? Don’t you know that men can have periods? Hey, is this a safe space? …

I want to advance a simple thesis: perhaps the central reason that liberalism is in historic decline globally is because the left is self-indulging itself into irrelevance.

To overdramatize it, the left is bickering over what to call what goes on between the sheets…while the world is starting to burn. Hence, when you think about it, the latest variant of Leftism isn’t really about politics very much at all. It’s about marketing. Safe spaces in which to have zealous contests for labels, which make up “identities”, that are ironically just…personal brands…that advertise…one’s narrow, shallow pursuit of pleasure, consumption, artifice. New Leftism is glittering narcissism concerned with the good life as lifestyle, not the difficult, joyous, humble work of living. Which leaves us here: as if shoppers at the mall began screaming at each other over their “lifestyle choices” while a giant hurricane ripped the roof from over their heads.

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Professional navel gazing. On steroids. With sociopathic, fascist tendencies.

T. Shaw

Pure and simple, it’s fascism and censorship.


We are seeing the early stages of creating a society of tribes who don’t like each other. This will be followed by leaders who can create a majority coalition and ‘rule’. Most likely (especially if they cannot rid us of that pesky 2nd amendment thingy) this will end in revolution/civil war. As ‘romantic’ as that might sound especially if you cloak it all in the constitution and getting our country back I don’t think that is likely to be the result. What happened to us in 1976 was an aberration, a chance in a million, it won’t happen again. Once we lose our country through the loss of our borders, language and culture there will be no way to get it back. I believe we passed that point of no return sometime in the 60’s without realizing it. Now we are like a ballistic missile simply following the trajectory without any more opportunity to change direction right on target to a Democrat/democratic armageddon.


1776 Of course! Nothing good happened in 1976…


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