30 Nov 2015

Social Justice Warfare at Yale

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“Stringer Bell”, a student currently at Yale, comments on the Social Justice Revolution underway at Yale.

These events have allowed people’s true motivations and opinions to be revealed. What some students are realizing is that their very existence is perceived as a threat. The encroaching ideology holds that by existing in the world as a white person, white people are unaware of the privileged status they hold. Anything short of continually reminding themselves that they are white, they are oppressors, and any interactions they have with a people of color have power struggle implications, is pure racism.

People are no longer individuals; we are representatives of our respective pasts. A white male speaking with a black female is not merely one human being interacting with another—no, it is one representative of the oppressor class speaking with another representative from the oppressed class.

White students, and to a lesser extent Asian students, are targets. I’ve listened to white students describe their feelings of shock and betrayal at having been accused of racism for the sin of existing. While they will readily agree that racism is a problem, many look utterly bewildered when you tell them that they are supporting “systemic racism” because they don’t take the time to incorporate the experiences of every minority group into their perspective at all times. The protesters have overplayed their hand.

It’s not all about race, ethnicity, or gender, however—ideology trumps all. Generally, white students who parrot the right opinions have been able to move through Yale with fewer accusations of racism than students of color who remain neutral or question the “Next Yale” movement. An undercurrent of resentment is forming among the dissenters of all backgrounds.

Keep in mind that the people at Yale are as liberal as they come. This grand university may soon no longer be worth saving. At this point many students are focusing on getting their degrees and getting the fuck out of here.

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People who are uncertain of their individual value and capabilities seek refuge in group and tribal identities.


[…] Social Justice Warfare at Yale […]


Never really had that much regard for the Ivy’s. Sure seems a shame they have they have gone down the toilet so fast though.

Steve Gregg

What is is really about is barbarian tribes taking over the university, the citadel of rationalism which adorns a civilization.

Maggie's Farm

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The last line says it all. How I felt about my undergrad school. Also how my father felt when he attended Yale in the early 60’s – and had to sit through Chapel sermons about how wonderful a guy Fidel Castro was.


Don’t underestimate failing students’ anxiety about exams.

Go on demos then dare your professor to flunk you and risk being labelled a racist.


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