04 Dec 2015

Erika Christakis Will No Longer Teach at Yale

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Business Insider reports that the crybullies at Yale have successfully driven away the Silliman College Associate Master who provoked mass demonstrations and hysterical confrontations between screaming snowflakes of color and Yale administrators by having the temerity to question an edict demanding Halloween costume self-censorship issued by the Yale cultural centers’ collective politburo.

Erika Christakis, the faculty member at the center of a racially charged debate at Yale, has decided not to teach at the Ivy League school going forward.

“I will not be teaching at Yale in the future,” she told Business Insider in an email Thursday.

Christakis’ decision came after weeks of backlash against the lecturer and administrator over an email she sent to students suggesting that Yale shouldn’t tell them not to wear offensive Halloween costumes.

That backlash included an open letter criticizing her signed by hundreds of members of the Yale community.

Recently, 49 faculty members wrote their own open letter defending Christakis against allegations of racism.

Douglas Stone, a colleague who wrote the open letter, told Business Insider that “aggressive tactics” used against Christakis spurred her to decide to stop teaching.

“Last year over 300 students expressed interest in her courses, she is an acclaimed teacher, and she was planning extra sections this year to accommodate more students,” Stone wrote Business Insider in an email message. “The unfair and ad hominem attacks she has endured have measurably reduced student academic choice at Yale. There is a cost to allowing this behavior to go unchallenged.”

5 Feedbacks on "Erika Christakis Will No Longer Teach at Yale"

Kathleen Wagner

It seems to me that Yale as a place of higher education is dead.


Yale sucks.

Steve Gregg

The best teachers don’t want to teach in the worst schools where the kids never learned how to act.

bob sykes

Her husband grovelled before the students. It’s really debatable whether either Christakis should be on a college faculty, even one as disreputable as Yale’s

Jared Lobdell

Not just Yale — I’ve been working with Federal Student Aid at the Department of Education and I’d say Higher Education itself is expiring in this country.


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