28 Dec 2015

Leftists Turning on the Liberals

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Yale students confront Silliman College Master Nicholas Christakis

Victor Davis Hanson tends to chuckle when he sees the Revolution devouring its own.

The West is ablaze with protests not just because of the failure of the Left in the cities, on campuses, and across Europe to offer a workable paradigm, but also because of the Left’s canonic assurances that it could and would.

Deans and mayors promised utopia. When it did not arrive, the only concession they had left was more failed efforts to achieve the unachievable. People turn on their own more violently than they turn on others, as if a liberal, paternal dean should be able to snap his fingers and make liberal students happy. When he so promises, his ensuing failure only makes things worse.

All the banned micro-aggressions, all the safe spaces, all the trigger warnings, and all the fired deans will not make today’s postmodern students happy, much less appreciative, any more than would mandating authentic ethnic cooks and more year-round hot-tubs. Like addicts, they believe one more cheap fix from a compliant supplier will finally do the trick. Don’t expect the addict to show gratitude to his dealer.

Leftist revolutionaries cannot be satisfied, because they have long ago been given all they asked for, and are now rebelling for the idea of rebelling against something, even if it is reduced to a micro-aggression or founded on a myth like “Hands up, don’t shoot.” Millions of inner-city youths are as furious as are elite students. They got the liberal city and the liberal university they wanted — only to rage that human nature is not liberal and that contentment cannot be found through mirror-image government, but only within themselves. How can you rebel against that age-old truth?

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I have watched some of these demonstrations/confrontations on youtube or the news. What strikes me as a mistake is that the ‘victim’ stands and argues with them. Why not just keep walking and if in their frustration they touch/assault you call 911 and your lawyer ans sue them as well. Why allow them to make it appear to be anything but what it is; an assault?

Seattle Sam

And on the other side we have those who rage against “establishment” Republicans who are only 90% pure. They seem perfectly willing to elect Hillary president rather than someone who might point out the impracticality of deporting 10+MM illegals and then bringing many of them back into the country again.


Why bring them back?
First of all I don’t think it is impracticable. Pass a law making it a felony to be in this country illegally (different from entering illegally). Then crack down on employers who hire them with $1000 a day fines. Fire any welfare workers or other public employees who provide any money care or benefits to illegals. Finally use the border patrol, ICE, local police, FBI, marshalls, etc. in a concerted effort to find and deport. I bet it isn’t impracticable at all. I bet rather than face the wrath of actual law enforcement 90% will self deport. Either way we won’t know unless we try.


Strip Government Immunity from ANY civil servant or elected official who fails to support Immigration Law. Let Mayors, Councilmen, and Social Services staff go to jail. And you will have an immediate sea change in enforcement.

You will end Sanctuary Cities in under 24 hours.


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