20 Jan 2016

“Go Home, Sarah. You’re Drunk”

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Susan Wright is not very happy with Sarah Palin’s recent behavior.

Today we saw someone who was once a rising star in the conservative world explode in an inglorious display of crass opportunism.

Sarah Palin, that darling of a failed John McCain presidential bid, has resurfaced to throw her voice and her support behind the gilded toad of the GOP, Donald Trump. Where she was once a strong Tea Party leader, promoting free market ideas, limited government, and power back in the hands of the people, today she forsook it all, in favor of a big government, foul mouthed, Wall Street liberal with atrocious hair. …

If it’s true that we reap what we sow, the next couple of months will see Palin and her brood fade into obscurity, once and for all. Those talking heads (I’m looking squarely at you, Sean Hannity) who are obviously in the Donald’s soiled pocket need to see their ratings plummet, as a fitting response to their willingness to turn a blind eye to this fraud in our midst and build him up, even as he tears the name of conservatism down.

Am I angry? Yes, I angry.

I’d kind of like to think that Donald paid her an enormous amount of money, but I have a suspicion that she really just became completely carried away by Trump’s populist, anti-Washington shtick.

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She’s not taken seriously from a policy perspective anymore, and she loves the “maverick” designation, so I’m not at all surprised by this.


She;s not taken seriously by the same people who take Bush and Clinton seriously. I am so tired of our politicians promising us to lower taxes and get spending under control and then doing the opposite. I resent the huge increases in welfare and the decreases in the effectiveness of our military. The list of complaints against the establishment politicians is long. We want to end this recession/depression that IS the Obama presidency. We want jobs and less regulation and less cronyism and honesty from government departments like the IRS, EPA and others. Our country is suffering from self inflicted wounds from lying politicians. Vote them all out.

I listened to Palin’s endorsement speech and agreed with everything she said. I listened to Sen Graham’s endorsement speech and fell asleep.


Pretty snarky closing comment.

Contrary to what you think, Palin has her finger on there pulse of the electorate. She’s not going away.


Palin’s sticking her thumb in the eye of the establishment which spurned her. Sorry way to do it, though, when she once supported Cruz.


She supported Cruz in Texas. She jumped and really helped Ted win that race. This is another day.

OTOH do you really think anyone was on the fence and Sarah’s backing has made the dif?

Dan Kurt

re: Palin

She may not have kids that have amounted to much and she is of questionable class to the “quality people” both republican and democrat.

But as Alaskan Governor she rooted out corruption and was an effective administrator. I think she has the pulse of the people figured out. Trump will benefit from her help.

Dan Kurt


Absolutists will get absolutely nothing. Conservatism is about as useful as tennis in this election. God Bless Sarah Palin and Donald Trump, and boo to all the haters who think they matter.


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