24 Feb 2016

Trump Can Be Stopped

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Roger Kimball argues that the spell can be broken, Trump can be stopped, if his Republican opponents fight back and start telling the truth about him.

Donald Trump was never impossible. Nor is he now inevitable. It would be useful to have some of Donald Trump’s golf partners step forward. On Monday, a well placed friend told me that over the years he had run into many of Trump’s partners on the links. “He doesn’t only cheat in every game,” my friend said, “He cheats on every hole. You can hear the splash of a ball going into the pond. But when his partners catch up to Trump, they find him standing over his ball on the fairway, claiming that that’s where the ball landed.” This is of a piece with Trump’s sullied reputation as a businessman. I have heard from several sources that his common procedure is to pay his creditors 75% or 80% of what he owes them and then, when they ask for the balance, tell them to sue. I suspect we will be hearing a lot about Donald Trump’s business practices in the coming weeks. By all accounts, it will tell the story of an unscrupulous bully and cheat. Much has been made of Trump’s populist appeal. That appeal will vanish, I predict, once Trump’s character is subject to the scrutiny it deserves.

Exactly a month ago, I wrote about Trump and “the madness of crowds.” The phrase was from Charles Mackay’s classic book, Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. For the moment, I noted, Trump occupies that empyrean of seeming invulnerability that occasionally cloaks movements of ecstatic enthusiasm. Point out Trump’s past support for Hillary, for Obama, for Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi, mention his abuse of eminent domain to grab private property for his casinos, and his acolytes will respond, “He just did what he had to do to make his business succeed.” Couldn’t John Gotti have said the same thing?

Mackay was writing about such curiosities as Tulipomania in 17th-century Holland, when a single bulb could, briefly, be traded for the price of a mansion, or various money or stock schemes like the South Sea Bubble or the Mississippi Scheme or the (perhaps more pertinent in this case) “the popular admiration for great thieves.” A common thread of these admonitory tales, I noted, “is the giddy rapidity of ascent followed by sudden and cataclysmic collapse once the spell is broken, which it always is.” The $64,000 question, of course, is exactly when the rude awakening will come. I pray it will not be too late.

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4 Feedbacks on "Trump Can Be Stopped"


That’s all you have? That he cheats at golf and his creditors? What about the Congress beasts and President that cheats all the American people and are traitors to this country to boot. We gave them all a chance and they screwed us over, royally. I’ll take TRUMP!


I agree with Emily.

This is another childish, transparent smear. ‘Oh, yea, I heard he trips old ladies trying to cross the street, and steals girl scout cookies. Yea, and he always J-walks, even when he doesn’t have to. Character.’

Ha, ha.

The difference between Barack Obama and Donald Trump is that while they both probably cheat at golf, Obama does it on the public dime, while Trump does it on his own time on golf courses he built and owns.


Whistling through the graveyard with Roger.


After eight years of this insufferable bastard in the White House, imagine having a President of The United States who doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder about the country he leads?

I’ll take Trump.

You Republican-light, hooked-up professional wind bags brought this on yourselves. Go have your freak out melt down about an “outsider” where somebody gives a shit.
I don’t


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