03 Mar 2016

Trump’s Ceiling

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Trump supporters talk as if it’s in the bag, but they are basing that belief on news announcements that “Trump Has Won” this primary or that. In reality, Trump has only come in ahead with a plurality in several primaries. His opponents again and again got the majority of the votes. Trump is still very likely to arrive at the convention with more delegates than any other candidate, but not with a majority, not with enough to gain the nomination. All the other Republicans need to do to defeat Trump is to unite behind one other candidate.

Of course, when that happens, Donald Trump is going to scream and cry that he was robbed and it was all so terribly unfair. And then he’ll go and run third party, delivering the election to Hillary. I would say that the fact that we can predict that, that is, most probably, the way that Donald Trump will react establishes that we all recognize that Trump habitually lies; that Trump invariably takes the most self-indulgent, self-flattering view of reality; that Trump is not any kind of loyal conservative or Republican; and that, when his own personal agenda conflicts with the best interests of the country, we think that Trump could be predicted to do the selfish, unpatriotic thing.

So, tell me, except as some kind of middle-finger-in-the-air gesture of Nihilism, how can any of you possibly justify supporting someone like Donald Trump?

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Of course, this is how the magnificently effective Jesse Ventura became governor of Minnesota with 37% of the vote.


The thing is we don’t know. Trump might have a ceiling of 35%-45% and he might not. IMHO those Cruz votes are anti-Rubio votes and if Cruz were to drop out I think Trump would get most of them. A lot of us out here are very anti-Rubio and either won’t vote if he is the candidate or will vote against him. What is Rubio’s ceiling? 15%, 20%. We don’t know. The Republican party has in the previous two elections lost because of who they chose to run and how they chose to threat their base. This election should be a landslide because of the anti-Obama backlash but the Republicans are once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. There is a reason they are known as the stupid party.


First of all, the selection of “Jeb!” and the dumping of millions into his J.Crew pockets by the people you admire most, tells me all I need to know about where your coming from. That, and the Yale/Bush-connection-thing all you New Haven guys have.

(I believe right about now, he’s probably working on his short irons, no?)

Rubio is a child who’s never done a thing in his entire life but yak about his bartender father and maid mother, to get to the next elective office in Florida. Has the man ever held a real job in his adult life? (Sorry, Speaker of the House of the Florida State Legislature? That’s a job? Maybe in your world, the rest of us out here understand it to be what it is; The Bullshit Academy, prepping for the real U.S. Senate Talk Palace in Washington.)

Getting rolled by Chuck U. Shumer on his first trip out of the playpen didn’t help either. “Pathway to Citizenship” Marco? You’ll be wearing that one around your neck for the rest of your career, and deservedly so.

Cruz? Sorry. Unelectable. Sneered at, despised by his peers in the Talk Palace, where’s he going? After Texas/Oklahoma? Nowhere.

So, John Kasich. Really? Please.

(Oh, wait. It’s an 11:30AM speech by Mitt-the-Loser today. That’ll do it, right? The guy who begged Trump for his endorsement four years ago, and couldn’t put Obama away, is ready to put on some magic underwear and look into his crystal ball?)

Can’t wait.

It’s shaping up to a Taft/Roosevelt 1912 Republican Convention. Just remember, Mr. Establishment Republican, you brought the election of Woodrow Clinton on the country all by yourself.

You did it.


Trump is an obnoxious boor. It would be tragic for the country, if we are somehow forced to choose between the lying crook Hillary! and Trump.
Ted Cruz may not be a perfect candidate, but he is a conservative, unlike Trump. Rubio and the others should drop out so that he can derail Trump, although it seems unlikely that the remaining candidates’ egos will allow them to do that.


Kind of odd, why the Republican Elites never fought this hard, with this many resources, to defeat the Obama agenda.
Maybe if they had we wouldn’t be here today.


If the GOP lost the election because they chose the wrong candidate, which of the other candidates do you think would have won the election? Ron Paul? Rick Santorum? Newt Gingrich? Michelle Bachman?


I’ll tell you this, Newt wouldn’t have taken the line that “Obama is a “nice family man” just “wrong” on the issues” the way Romney did. And, they would have had to scrape that fat load Candy Crawley off the debate stage with a spatula, after she tried to pull that Benghazi crap on him.
Whether that would have made any difference? One thing is sure, that pussy Obama would have known he was in the fight of his life, and Newt wouldn’t have spent one hour trying to establish his conservative street cred.


Yes, it’s supremely important when you look up from the canvas that your pussy opponent know he’s been in the fight of his life.

Dan Kurt

re: “If the GOP lost the election because they chose the wrong candidate…” SDD

The pick for Vice President killed the Romney campaign. Ryan and his promise to balance the budget by cutting Medicare and Social Security gave the Democrats the issue to stop Romney. Also Ryan in his debate with Biden proved to be weak and not fast on his feet. That sure didn’t help.

Dan Kurt


If Obama were not an African-American, he’d still be in Springfield negotiating highway rest stop names from the floor of the Illinois State House.

If he was lucky.


And if Hillary were not a criminal, she’d be skating. And but for Ross Perot you’d never have heard of her at all. And if Al Gore had a personality he’d have been President. So what?


But she IS a criminal, and Gore IS a robot, and Perot suckered millions tired of politics.

And without his skin color, as a crappy, stoned student at Punahou, Obama never leaves Hawaii for Occidental, or for Columbia, or for Harvard, or Illinois, or The White House.

Those are just the facts.

And that’s, so what.


OK, we can rule out middle-finger-in-the-air gestures of Nihilism, though electing an open felon like Hillary might accomplish the same end. That being delegitimizing a corrupt system that is incapable of self-reform. Let the internal illogic of the system eat itself and leave the people suddenly aware that they were the only reason it lasted so long in the first place. The alternative is a long, slow bleed towards the same end with far fewer resources available with which to rebuild.


Trump is the symptom, not the disease. Trump has never been elected to office, and therefore has never injured the country via malfeasance or corruption. If he becomes the nominee or is elected president, nothing he will do can even remotely approach the damage that has already been done by current and former Washington DC politicians. They are the disease and the harm they have done is past tense. The federal government (and it’s political class) are the functional equivalent of an addict. They cannot change until they hit bottom. Wishing on a star is enabling for an addict. If Trump is the catalyst for finally hitting bottom, then he will accidentally be of enormous value.


Sadly, Trump is the only candidate that looks like he may be able to beat Hillary. Cruz and Rubio are showing some spunk now, but not the kind that will pull voters from the Democrats. Jeb and Romney are low energy. Romney had his shot but chose not to fight.

If I had by druthers, I would support Scott Walker but he, like an idiot, brought in DC GOPe operatives to run his campaign and the promptly bankrupted his campaign. Through the natural DC GOPe incompetence for the last decade or as sabotage for the GOPe desire for Bush hardly matters now.

sound awake

ive been voting straight republican tickets since 1988…what has it gotten us…obamacare…gay marriage…19,000,000,000,000 in debt…immigration out of control…ft hood…boston bombing…san bernardino…sanctuary cities…political correctness run amok…a decimated military…religious freedom for Christians on the ropes…ferguson…baltimore…irs scandal…fast and furious…sotomayor…kagan…loretta lynch…eric holder…2015 omnibus bill…

insanity: doing the same things over and over an over again and expecting a different result

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