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03 Mar 2016

Trump’s Ceiling

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Trump supporters talk as if it’s in the bag, but they are basing that belief on news announcements that “Trump Has Won” this primary or that. In reality, Trump has only come in ahead with a plurality in several primaries. His opponents again and again got the majority of the votes. Trump is still very likely to arrive at the convention with more delegates than any other candidate, but not with a majority, not with enough to gain the nomination. All the other Republicans need to do to defeat Trump is to unite behind one other candidate.

Of course, when that happens, Donald Trump is going to scream and cry that he was robbed and it was all so terribly unfair. And then he’ll go and run third party, delivering the election to Hillary. I would say that the fact that we can predict that, that is, most probably, the way that Donald Trump will react establishes that we all recognize that Trump habitually lies; that Trump invariably takes the most self-indulgent, self-flattering view of reality; that Trump is not any kind of loyal conservative or Republican; and that, when his own personal agenda conflicts with the best interests of the country, we think that Trump could be predicted to do the selfish, unpatriotic thing.

So, tell me, except as some kind of middle-finger-in-the-air gesture of Nihilism, how can any of you possibly justify supporting someone like Donald Trump?

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