08 Mar 2016

Just Do Not Vote For The Worst Possible Republican Candidate, If It Comes to That

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Author John C. Wright urges us to come together because:

The worst possible Republican candidate is better than the best possible Democrat candidate.

But it is not that simple.

One truth people need to understand is that electing non-conservative Republicans has bad results. Other people, it wasn’t me, elected Richard Nixon. Nixon created the EPA. Nixon recognized Red China and gave it most favored nation trading status. If you do not like US jobs going to China, thank Richard Nixon. Nixon also screwed the pooch politically and had to resign, in the process losing the Vietnam War and electing that nasty little peanut farmer in the process.

George H.W. Bush is a good and decent man, but he is a classic Country Club Republican. He is not a principled conservative. Bush I signed the Americans with Disabilities Act (which imposed mandates costing billions). The Siege at Waco* and the Shootings at Ruby Ridge took place during his administration. And he broke his word and raised taxes and, ooops! thereby elected Slick Willie.

George W. Bush is also a good man. I admire his character, and I respect him. But he screwed up as president. He fiddled around too long in Iraq, and he let the Radical Left demoralize Americans and undermine support for the War. He let the CIA run a disinformation operation against his own administration. He left office unpopular and in bad odor, and he did nothing to help create a Republican succession. He essentially handed the 2008 election to the democrats on a silver platter.

It always happens. Elect a me-too, not-really-conservative Republican and, as sure as the sun comes up in the East, you’ll get another big, fat, expensive and intrusive federal agency or mandate, and that guy will flounder around, losing the political struggle to the democrats. He will leave office under a cloud and, before he goes, the not-politically-engaged majority of voters will pull the lever for a democrat.

If this country is crazy enough to elect Donald Trump (assuming he doesn’t declare himself emperor and start ruling by edict), Trump may very possibly provoke an international trade war and a wave of reciprocal tariff barriers which will sink the whole world economy, and make the recession we have had since 2008 look like the Good Old Days.

You can also bet that Trump will expand the Federal Government and create some other enormous and expensive Big New Thing. A guy like him will have to make his mark on History. And you can rely on it that Trump will be so annoying, such an embarrassment, such a disgrace, in office that his election will present the democrat party with a “One Free Presidency” card, which they’ll use in 2020 to elect some really spectacularly radical and repulsive communist.

Politics is like football. There are times the wisest thing to do (however much you don’t want to), is to drop back ten yards and punt, and allow the other team to screw up. A Donald Trump candidacy would be one of those times. We would be better off having Hillary in there, ruining the future of the democrats, than Donald J. Trump laying the foundation for a dynasty of radical left-wing democrat presidents.

Hat tip to Vanderleun.

Correction: The Siege took place from February 28 – April 19, 1993. Thanks to Dan Kurt for catching my mistake.

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Dan Kurt

re: “The Siege at Waco…took place during his [ George H.W. Bush ] administration.”

No, Clinton was President. The Siege took place from February 28 – April 19, 1993.

Dan Kurt

J Van Dorn

Trump or Hillary? Seriously you think Hillary is your girl? If Trump accomplishes 2 or 3 things and doesn’t involve us in another stupid neocon middle east disaster, he’s my man!


Wait, wait. Trump just took Michigan(King of Rust Belt America) Mississippi and Hawaii.

Cmon’ dude, you’re late with dumping a shitload on him again. What up?

Jim O'Neil

Yes it is that simple.


Sometime in the next four years, there will be a minor crisis. In some Third World pest hole, some Americans who are there at the behest of our government will be caught in a firefight or hostage situation, and the President will have to make a decision.

When the call for help comes, we already know how Hillary will respond.

I think President Trump would not stand idly by. That is enough for me to vote for him, because one of those beleaguered Americans might well be my son. And even if it is not, those Americans will be someone’s sons.

Failing to do anything one legally can to deny the Presidency to Hillary is the worst civic irresponsibility I can think of.


Thanks for catching that mistake. Of course, the BATF and FBI did not suddenly get completely out of control between January (when Clinton was sworn in) and February 28th.


My apologies for being so slow to correct the post. I got a very interesting new rifle and have been completely obsessed with it.


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