08 Mar 2016

Megan McArdle: Trump Can’t Afford a Third-Party Campaign

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2014: Donald Trump has announced he will build five new luxury apartment buildings in the heart of Manhattan with separate entrances and elevators for the poor tenants.

“I’m doing a great thing for this city. I didn’t have to put low-income units in my building. They should be happy they have it. There is no reason however for the normal wealthy people who pay their hard-earned money for a nice apartment to have to be bothered with the riff-raff.”

“They are on the third floor because our market research has shown that the poor are very unhygienic and don’t bathe regularly. They also have a tendency to boil cabbage for dinner. We didn’t want any of those odors wafting down into the lobby area.” (Note: This quotation is satire, not a real news item.)

And Megan McArdle says, Donald Trump can’t afford to run a Third-Party campaign and hasn’t got the ability to raise adequate funds elsewhere.

Donald Trump is not going to run as a third-party presidential candidate, even if he’s denied the Republican nomination. …

I’m not saying whether it would be a good idea for the GOP to deny him the nomination if he gets a plurality but not a majority of the delegates. But if it does, he won’t run third-party: He can’t afford it.

I direct you to his personal financial disclosure form, which said he had about $300 million in cash and marketable securities. That’s a lot of money! Stunningly, however, it is not enough money to run a major presidential campaign, which now clocks in at around $1 billion.

If Trump runs as a third-party candidate, the money to do so is going to have to come mostly out of his own pocket. The Republican Party’s traditional donors certainly aren’t going to help him. And so far, he’s shown no ability to raise the kind of staggering totals that, say, Bernie Sanders has managed to get from small donors. Trump’s campaign has raised just $25 million, of which only about $8 million comes from sources other than Donald J. Trump. He’s raised less in small contributions than Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio have.

5 Feedbacks on "Megan McArdle: Trump Can’t Afford a Third-Party Campaign"


You realize, of course, that the quote you posted is satire, from a website not unlike the Onion – and unattributed no less, you idiot.


At some point I assume this every-single-day -obsession with Trump is going to end.

At some point. Someday.

J Van Dorn

Old Meg should have thought this through. He’s leading the primaries after only raising 25 million. JEB! spent 500 million. Just saying


By the way, Megan lies in her piece. She states “[h]e’s been bankrupt before, and at age 69, he doesn’t have a lot of time for yet another comeback.” This is not true. Trump has used Chapter 11 to reorganize companies four times, but he has never declared personal bankruptcy.


I added a note informing readers that it’s satire. Sorry to be slow with dealing with this. I just got a new rifle, and I’ve been much involved with it.


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