19 Mar 2016

Cowardly Trump



4 Feedbacks on "Cowardly Trump"


Stupid. A decision to debate is like a move in chess (O.K., checkers, for you progressive or establishment Republican morons). A debate with Cruz could only help Cruz. Trump is smart to decline.

Dan Kurt

At this point in the election for president warm-up, Trump should reach out to Cruz and MAKE A DEAL! Offer Cruz something he wants such as the Vice Presidency or a Supreme Court seat. Something to cause the Repubs to begin their focus on Hillary. Hell, offer Kasich something like head of Health & Human Services or even the vice presidency if Cruz turns it down. That would be great as another wind bag would take over from wind bag Biden without an interruption.

Dan Kurt


Trump should just get lost.


Trump’s followed that yellow brick road far enough to nab that big eared dope behind the curtain pulling all the levers, and call bullshit on him.

Nobody else has touched that nerve for the rest of us. On the non-border, on the trade that’s killing jobs, on the stupid ass moves that the Obama faculty lounge has been making for seven and a half years.

At least he had the courage for that.


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