19 Mar 2016

2016 Election Not Important

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Gustave Doré, A Traveller from New Zealand Contemplating the Ruins of London.

“[W]hen some traveller from New Zealand shall, in the midst of a vast solitude, take his stand on a broken arch of London Bridge to sketch the ruins of St. Paul’s” — Thomas Babbington Macauley.

Selwyn Duke explains that the presumably-disastrous next presidential election doesn’t really matter all that much. America (and the rest of the West) is doomed anyway.

Many people lament that “Obama has destroyed America these last eight years” or, alluding to same, will say “I don’t recognize my country anymore.” This is much like viewing a woman who marries a greasy-haired, dope-smoking, heavily tattooed and pierced, unemployable reprobate and saying that her matrimonial decision destroyed her, when the real problem was that she was the kind of person who could make such a choice in the first place. Do you really think Obama isn’t a symptom at least as much as a cause? Do you think the 2008 A.D. America that elected him would have been recognizable to 1950 Americans?

And even if the next president is an anomalous good result, he won’t even be a pause that refreshes, but will at best slow down the runaway train racing toward the precipice. This is because our main problems aren’t illegal migration, trade deals or health care, as significant as those things are. Our problems are more fundamental.

Do you really want to save America? Okay, then completely transform the media, academia and entertainment so they’re not brainwashing citizens 24/7 with anti-American, anti-Christian, multiculturalist, socialist, feminist and a multitude of other lies. End legal immigration, which, via the importation of massive numbers of Third Worlders, is changing our country into a socialistic non-Western culture. Even more significantly, convince the 70-plus percent of Americans who are moral relativists to believe in Truth; these are people who, as the Barna Group research company put it, believe that what we call “truth is always relative to the person and their situation” and whose most common basis for moral decision-making is “doing whatever feels right….”

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America is doomed, the world is doomed. Evil never rests and consolidates it’s gains while the West vacillates from paying attention and maybe doing something to a drunken stupor. We are losing everyday. I don’t think it will be someone from New Zealand that contemplates over our destroyed cities I think it will be someone from China or Russia. There is a quickening that is taking place and it isn’t good. The indicators are there if you take your eyes away from TV, sports and the stock market for awhile. I think the single event that will get all of our attention will be a bright flash in the sky, brighter than one hundred suns. It may be over Tel aviv, Paris, London or NY City. Until it happens most of us will be texting, drinking, going to work, taking care of our kids and over eating. We will all be surprised and wonder ‘what happened’. We will have missed all the clues and trends leading up to it and assume it was a sudden unpredictable event. It will change everything forever.


Sic transit Gloria mundi.
Our obligation to act courageously, justly, prudently, and charitably is not thereby abolished. But I will not deny that it is painful to see the most excellent political aedifice devised by human genius, sustained at such cost in blood, the American Republic, toppling like a rotted tree.


My favorite part was the rule of law.

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The same mental state that blames our ills on obama, is similar to one that grasps onto the hand reaching out from the lifeboat to grab onto Trump.

He’s going to “fix” things. Takes away that guilt and moral dilemma of sitting idly by while evil flourishes.


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