22 Mar 2016

ISIS Took Credit For the Bombings

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Which attacks, you know, really, are what we used to call An Act of War.

Personally, I think the Belgian Army, all by itself, would be quite adequate to march through all the territories controlled by ISIS, shoot all armed opposition, and generally do to that portion of the Fertile Crescent what Sherman did for a 50 mile-wide stretch of territory between Atlanta and Savannah. But Belgium is, after all, part of NATO, and the NATO Treaty says that attack on one NATO member state is an attack on all of them. So all of NATO ought to declare war, today, and start assembling Operation Sherman, the military expedition intended to make large portions of Northern Syria and Western Iraq howl.

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This NATO expedition should take northwestern Syria and turn it into a European style colony. Then ship all the refugees there and tell them that they have to learn to play by civilized western rules. That means that no burqas are allowed. Islam is officially banned (no mosques or other gathering places). Individuals can practice in their own homes but nothing outside of that. Every street corner has a cartoon mocking the “prophet” and the Koran is thoroughly debunked. Al Jazeera is blocked, etc. etc. etc. Be prepared for this little experiment to last at least fifty years if not longer. European style educational system, too. At least it would be a “safe place.”


Good start. Once again massive amounts of hand wringing trying to determine what we have done to cause all this. It seems no one is aware how the last Muslim incursion into Europe was stopped. People seem to have forgotten how the last wars that were won were ended. WW2 didn’t really end until the losers finally realized that it would be too painful to continue. Until Daesh is made to feel this there will be no end to this stupidity.


Would that our crepuscular European cousins had the ass to act thus.


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