26 Mar 2016

Molliter Ossa Cubent

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The British Express pays tribute to a Russian Spetznaz special operator in Syria, who, finding himself surrounded and hopelessly trapped by ISIS jihadis, called in a bomb strike on his own position.

A HERO special forces officer took out a group of murderous Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis who had pinned him down by calling in an airstrike on HIMSELF, it emerged today.

The brave commando gave bomber jets his own co-ordinates after being trapped by a gang of evil Islamists whilst carrying out covert operations to disrupt their supply line.

His extraordinary bravery meant vital operational information did not fall into the jihadis’ hands and also ensured that he took several of the group’s twisted militants down with him.

The bloodthirsty Islamists were moving in to capture the stranded soldier following a fierce gunfight when they were surprised by the bombing raid and blown to hell.

It is thought the commando may have belonged to Russia’s crack Spetsnaz elite combat unit, which was dispatched to Syria to hunt down and take out fleeing jihadis.

One Feedback on "Molliter Ossa Cubent"

T. Shaw

He was a tough guy and a realist. Ivan killed the tangos and himself. He avoided being slowly tortured, killed, and mutilated.

During the Vietnam War, Capt. William Stanley Carpenter, Jr. company commander of C/2/502 Rgt., 1 BCT, 101 AB Div., called in air strikes on his position as his company was being overrun by a VC battalion. He and most of his people survived.

Capt. Carpenter had been a Football All-America (the “Lonesome End”) at West Point.

War is Hell.


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