08 Apr 2016

Maybe He Can Get Mexico to Pay For It



What happens when Donald Trump runs out of campaign cash? It won’t be terribly long before we find out. LA Times

One of Donald Trump’s most compelling arguments to voters is that by self-financing his campaign, he isn’t beholden to “the special interests, the lobbyists and the donors” as he puts it. Essentially, Trump gets to run on a platform of “What you see is what you get.”

“I don’t need money,” the billionaire boasted in July. “I don’t want anybody’s money.”

How much longer will he be able to make similar claims? We figure less than three months.

In July, Bloomberg News estimated that Trump’s personal liquid assets hovered around $70 million. The most recent Federal Election Commission funding reports showed that Trump had contributed $18 million to his campaign through Jan. 31. …

This campaign season, Hillary Clinton’s already large coffers suggest a projected spend of over $800 million through Nov. 18. Even if Trump stays on the relatively spendthrift track he’s on, his campaign is still projected to cost an additional $300 million. Both presumptive nominees will rely heavily on additional spending by their respective parties. If 2012 is an indication, more than a quarter of additional total spending will come from super PACs.

Even a conservative model – one that allows Trump to spend barely a third as much as his primary competitors, on average – still shows Trump’s liquid assets running out entirely by June 1.

While Trump will then have the option of selling securities and property to increase his cash on hand, it’s likely he’ll dramatically increase the proportion of outside funding he’s willing to accept well before that date.

What happens then is anyone’s guess.

One Feedback on "Maybe He Can Get Mexico to Pay For It"


Why not! Didn’t Obama get more money from sources outside the country then from inside the country? Doesn’t Hillary get more money from Saudi Arabia then any candidate in history?


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