17 Apr 2016

Whining, Not Winning

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Can’t wait to see what happens when Trump discovers that the Constitutional Convention rigged things with an Electoral College.


You made me laugh out loud.


Winning caucuses, no vote conventions, and one State primary is not going to beat Hillary Clinton.
That’s going to be an election, not a meeting with your own Party members.


Still missing the point. Of course if you are “never Trump” voters it pleases you to see Trump get the short end of the stick regardless of if it was a dirty trick or not. And of course if it was a dirty trick you can easily fall back on the smirking and boasting that “the rules were known” argument. But let’s be honest, “the rules” were the rules exactly so the GOPe could prevent the voters from having their say. Yes it has been done before and perhaps no one cared before but today it is all over the internet. So while the talking heads on TV are smiling/smirking and so happy at how they pulled the wool over Trump’s eyes and all his supporters too the are tone deaf. I watch it and wonder how they can be so stupid. Stupid isn’t even adequate to describe them. It is like proving someone is wrong when they tell you the gun is loaded by pointing it at your temple and pulling the trigger while smirking. Pointing at the very voters you need in November and laughing at them because you were able to take away their ability to choose and smirking, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

But the gun is loaded, everyone is watching, everyone can see that actually Trump is right and the system is rigged against him and the voters. And worse, they can see how little the GOPe thinks of them in flyover country (smirk, smirk, the rules are the rules don’tcha know, stupid serfs).

Too much you think? Over the top from a Trump supporter you think? Well if that’s what you think than you have joined the tone deaf GOPe talking heads (smirk, smirk). Here is the one thing that everyone can see clearly that the smirkers for some reason cannot: The system is indeed rigged and the GOPe has no clothes. Who ever the consultant was that told them all to go on TV and declare that “the rules are the rules” and smile and smirk should be fired.

Stupid, stupid, stupid. The left might as well call off all the choreographed demonstrations in Cleveland because the RNC has just blown the convention up. Sad, so sad…


“Voters”, Team Clinton needs no voters, she has the tech sector geeks needed to fabricate whatever electronic means she needs. All this discussion about what the republicans will do is wasted bandwidth.


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