12 May 2016

What America Needs Today



13 Feedbacks on "What America Needs Today"

T. Shaw

Apparently, you, Romney, Ryan, et al prefer this video toss of Trump to one tossing Hillary.

It’s likely the reason America suffered eight years of Obama.


That’s not funny.


I voted against Obama… twice. I think the people to blame for 8 years of Obama are frequently the same people who want to vote for another Pop Culture celebrity candidate on whom they can project their fantasies all over again this year. NYM has occasionally commented on Hillary Clinton. Just Google: “Never Yet Melted” AND “Hillary Clinton” to find the whole category of postings.

Fred Z

Trump is worse than Hillary? So much worse that you post a gif of Trump being killed that purports to be amusing but is actually murderous?

Trump derangement syndrome.

Get a grip. Three supreme court justices will likely be appointed by one of Hillary or Trump.

John D

Zzzzzzz…. Come on, it’s really gotten dull the constant Trump hammering. He’s extremely imperfect and inconsistent. We all get that. But at least he’s willing to say BS to all the political correctness and he’s willing to build a wall that been talked about since the early 1990s.


I believe you’ve melted.


Not funny.


Not hardly.


It’s not funny because Trump really is getting death threats, but it’s also not ha ha funny. This, however, IS ha ha funny.
I hesitated to post it because whoever uploaded the video has “Aryan” in his account name, which I was afraid would give you a conniption fit and plenty of material for comment. I do believe it is all in good fun, though. At least, that’s how I intend it. Incidentally, I voted for Cruz in the primary but I had some problems with him as well. C’est la vie!


It’s just a video joke not murder.

Now that Cruz is out I’m sad and not looking forward to the election (and the next 4 years, maybe). I don’t hate Trump and in fact I think he is probably one of the smartest people who was in the running and probably smarter than 90% of the congress. He may surprise me and be a good president. But there is no way possible that Hillary could be a good alternative. I will vote for Trump (not that it matters my state will go to Bernie or the crazy commie bitch). I hope (I really, really hope) that Republicans and conservatives will get behind Trump. If we split our vote and get Hillary we will regret it.


JZD, get over it. Write in your early ballot for that Hadrian bitch, and move on to more interesting stuff, huh? This is HighSchool crap.


Let me elaborate. It’s not just ‘not funny,’ it’s disgusting to anyone who witnessed 911 at the trade towers, and lost friends and relatives there. It brings back painful memories. It’s disgusting and tasteless.

Have you ever seen – heard? – someone hitting the pavement from that height? Dozens of them?

Get it now?

You have revealed yourself to be a boorish ass.


You really seem to have entirely invested in this system, at the same time rejecting its obvious destination.


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