29 May 2016

Tweet of the Day

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T. Shaw

I used to believe that I was a conservative.

Here! Here! Trump is a unifier. He has caused so-called conservatives and the Hillary/Obama/media massive, criminal enterprise to sing from the same hymnal.

Does Mulder (or you) actually think that Romney (Romneycare) and McCain (consistent voting with dems) were conservatives?

Here is why the GOP lost the prior two POTUS elections: they nominated losers who were light-weight democrats and refused to point out Obama’s weaknesses or respond to his lies. If Romney and the establishment GOP weren’t rank losers, Obama would have lost re-election on 11 Sep 2012.

Trump, at least, will hit back as hard as the gangsters and professional liars hit him.

I am no longer a conservative. You, Mulder, et al refuse to join the movement to save our American (now, the liberals call us fascists and nationalists – a new lib swear word) way of life. You and such conservatives can go to Hell.


Maybe we should ask Putin if we can borrow his Reset Button so we can take this whole clownshow/clusterfook back to square one. This nation and what it stands for are too important to put into the hands of either one of those self-serving frauds.


We deserve better self-serving frauds.


A non-vote for Trump is a half-vote for Clinton. It is one thing to invite the Clinton’s to a celebrity wedding in 1989. It is quite another thing to vote for a Clinton now. This is the reality.


Will a non-vote for Hillary also be a half-vote for Trump? At the moment, I’m hoping to cast a whole vote for the Third Party candidate Bill Kristol is supposed to be coming up with.


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