02 Jun 2016

A Mantis of Her Own




Ruth Bader Ginsburg… was just honored with her very own species of praying mantis.

According to the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, scientists have successfully used female genitalia to identify different species of praying mantises. Using this process, they have discovered a new mantis, which has been named Ilomantis ginsburgae, in honor of Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Ginsburg, a beloved 83-year-old supreme court justice, active feminist and oldest member of the highest court in the country was honored “for her relentless fight for gender equality.”

Additionally, the bug’s neck plate sort of looks like a jabot, which Ginsburg is well known for sporting around her neck.

And we all know what the female mantis does to the male after mating…

Hat tip to Matthias Storme.

2 Feedbacks on "A Mantis of Her Own"


If Justice Ginsburg actually believes in equal rights, maybe she could explain the meaning of terms like “women’s rights” or “gay rights”.


Of course the various activists for women’s rights or gay rights etc. really mean special rights.

Remind me, doesn’t the female praying mantis eat the male after sex??? If so maybe this is the right organism to name after a feminist.


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