10 Jun 2016

LSU’s Rally Possum


LSU was losing May 7th to the Razorbacks when a mystical savior arrived on the field. After the resulting come-from-behind-win, LSU fans are now wearing Rally Possum t-shirts and the game-changing hero is being celebrated in song.

We were losing 9 to 1 in the middle of the 5th
Couldn’t swing the bats too well that night or throw a decent pitch
Ain’t nothing really funny except for Kramers swollen lip
Lord, It seemed as if our ship was sinking

Still we were down 9 to 4 by the 7th inning stretch
Bertman’s walking through the stands Coach Mainieri’s turning red
Could we be losing to the Razorback or are we playing dead?
Lord, Give me something to believe in

Most had left the building when the game was getting real
Something surely happen when that opossum took the field
5 men & a trash can barley got him outta left
inside out and backward is the hat still on my head

It’s that Rally Possum, It that Rally Possum
I’ll sing it like George Jones, better leave this one alone
I’m talking bout that O-Rally Possum

All of a sudden Arkansas couldn’t catch the friction’ ball
That’s when that hoodoo possum made believers of us all
Got one to end the inning and a front row seat
& I sat behind the dugout this the Rally was complete

4 runs tied it in the 9th & we beat em’ in the 10th
Ain’t lost too many games since that creature closed the fence
There’s more week in Bama & a regional defense
sitting next to some ol’coonass with a fur ball on a stick

Naw that’s a rally possum It that O’Rally Possum
I knew that night we’d win, but can we do all again?
I’m talking bout that O-Rally Possum

I’ll take my rabbit’s foot to Omaha up from baton Rouge
And I’d sacrifice a chicken fore we set that possum loose
So play the game to win boys when there’s nothing left to lose
Believe in that rally possum.



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