10 Jun 2016

There Are Really No Bound Delegates

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David French explains that, really, there is no such thing as a bound delegate.

Let’s begin with a simple proposition: As a matter of law and history, there is not a single “bound” delegate to the Republican National Convention. Not one delegate is required to vote for Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, or any other individual who “won” votes in the primary process. Each delegate will have to make his or her own choice. They — and they alone — will choose the Republican nominee. The paragraph above contradicts much of what you’ve been told about the presidential nominating process, and it even contradicts state law in multiple jurisdictions, but state law does not govern the Republican party. The party governs itself, and according to the rules it has implemented, there is only one convention where the delegates were truly bound: 1976’s, when Gerald Ford fended off a challenge from Ronald Reagan. In every other Republican convention ever held, every delegate has been free to vote their conscience.

Read the whole thing.

He’s right and, if Trump continues screwing up and sinking in the polls, there will be a revolt.

4 Feedbacks on "There Are Really No Bound Delegates"

Bill cook

Why should the unwashed electorate have a voice in the democratic process?

T. Shaw

Apparently, as evidenced by McCain and Romney candidacies, the chamber of commerce/country club/big-government-is-great-for-business elites running the GOP could not care less about winning elections.


It is clear to everyone that the stupid party would prefer that Hillary win than to lose total control over their “club” otherwise known as the stupid party. I do indeed now believe that Hillary will win if she can stay out of jail/court and if she somehow falls victim to the FBI and the justice system her surrogate (to be named) will win.

We have lost. The new Democrat/communist president will appoint 3 maybe 4 Supreme Court justices and they will set new records with anti-constitutional executive orders. Gun control will become universal as will white and heterosexual discrimination. The list of left wing sxtra-constitutional mandates/regulations will be endless.

The is no fix to this, before the MSM and the GOPe are done Trump won’t even recognize himself and his family probably won’t even vote for him. He will be destroyed and he will be lucky to escape with his life and freedom before this is over.

bob sykes

French is the epitome of a cuckservative. He is a monster, and National Review has become a hive of monsters and traitors.


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