17 Jun 2016

Kuntzman Bleats Again

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Gersh Kuntzman

The New York Daily News’ great mind, the same Gersh Kuntzman who recently suffered from PTSD as the result of test firing an AR-15, waxes indignant over the demise of alligators from the Disneyworld lagoon, who were dispatched by the local authorities in the aftermath of one of them killing a visiting two-year-old.

Did something just go wrong? Well, kill all the animals!

That remains the standard stupid human reaction whenever our control of nature goes awry.

Like on Tuesday night after a 2-year-old was apparently eaten by an alligator on an artificial beach near Disney World. The response? Local officials killed four gators.

No disrespect to the suffering family, but let me get this straight: We built a man-made ecosystem in the natural environment of a known predator, stocked it with fish for our amusement, built a hotel with a beach on its banks, let kids wade into the water, express shock when one gets eaten — and then we kill the animal for doing exactly what animals do?

Obviously, in Kutzman’s twisted worldview, Barack Obama ought to be conducting an apology tour of the Everglades, expressing America’s regret to saurians for imperialist occupation of their swamps and deploring the species-ist view that human life is more valuable than reptilian dining.

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The answer to Florida’s alligator problem is simple:
1. Declare alligator free zones.
2. Register alligators
3. Ban assault alligators
4. Hold the alligator parents liable for any harm their assault alligators cause.


It would seem his name is apropos.


Why did we ever think that we could wage a successful war against fascist Islamists with the media in the hands of sniveling morons like this character?
I fear this society is just too stupid to survive.


“I fear this society is just too stupid to survive.”

I fear you are right. The root of the problem is a majority of our population is ignorant or otherwise unaware of the problems and implications of what our ruling class is doing and what the wanna be rulers intend to do. Life in America is good! We have food, cars, big screen TV’s free stuff, entertainment, sports bars, everything our little hearts could want. It is easy to imply not pay attention to the chattering going on. And or MSM is simply not doing their job, the job the 1st amendment was written to allow them to do.



You nailed it.

Jim O'Neil

Hey , lighten up on our beloved leader!

I’m sure if Barack had a son, he look like a cross between Kutzman and an alligator.


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